Scared of bums - let's turn on a fire

A light orange hue was inching across top floors of a building opposite our house while the chirping of birds hiding somewhere in an oak tree in the backyard was ...

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The children of the early 40s pointed out the injury-to-the-eye to us as something horrible. The children of 1954 take it for granted. A generation is being desensitized by these literal horror images. One comic shows a man slashing another man across the eyeballs with a sword. The victim: “MY EYES! I cannot see!”

But since you did, you've only raised more questions. Why would humans have been developing the Terminators when, in The Terminator , Kyle Reese said that it was the robots who actually designed and built them as a way to infiltrate the humans? Why, about 20 years after crushing the humans, would Skynet honor the inferior humans' choice of face when it came time to build the Terminators? Are we assuming the deep-voiced man with the Austrian accent recorded his voice for the project before Skynet became self-aware and gunned him down?

Scared Of Bums - Let's Turn On A FireScared Of Bums - Let's Turn On A FireScared Of Bums - Let's Turn On A FireScared Of Bums - Let's Turn On A Fire