Various - tuff enuff - the ace blues masters volume 3

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Jacob's Dream
Jag Panzer
Jarre, Jean Michel
Jelly Jam, The
Jesus Freaks
Jet Circus
Jethro Tull
Jett, Joan
Johnson, Rob
Join the Dead
Judas Priest
Judgment Hammer

Rebel MC's sound derives from his focus on blackness from various angles. Rather than solely celebrating Afrocentric motifs, his music hearkens back to the African diaspora . The lyrics embrace a wide range of approaches to blackness and black-pride, bringing a different understanding of tradition by combining the different voices, themes and styles drawn from all kinds of sources of "blackness", creating a "playful, vibrant, postracial utopia". [4] This amalgamated version of modern thought has allowed for the emergence of a uniquely London version of politically charged hip hop. Paul Gilroy argues that Rebel MC's message prevents the existence of "the trope of race as family". Instead, Gilroy states that the London hip-hop culture allows for a healthy competition between African-American and Caribbean sounds to gain exposure.

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Various - Tuff Enuff - The Ace Blues Masters Volume 3Various - Tuff Enuff - The Ace Blues Masters Volume 3Various - Tuff Enuff - The Ace Blues Masters Volume 3Various - Tuff Enuff - The Ace Blues Masters Volume 3