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September 5, 2017 Images, Words & Beyond Tour 2017 September 5, 2016 The Astonishing Tour 2016 September 5, 2015 30th Anniversary Tour 2015 September 5, 2014 Breaking The Fourth Wall Live 2014 September 4, 2014 Along for the Ride Tour 2014 September 4, 2011 A Dramatic Turn of Events Tour 2011 September 4, 2009 Black Clouds & Silver Linings Tour 2009 September 4, 2007 Chaos in Motion Tour 2007 September 4, 2006 Score Live at Radio City Music Hall September 4, 2005 Octavarium Tour 2005 September 4, 2004 Train of Thought Tour 2004 September 4, 2002 Tourbulence Tour 2002

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When things don't go Jim's way and his life starts to crumble in front of his (and our) eyes, something happens that changes not only his life forever, but everybody around him.

In June 2013, Dream Theater announced that their upcoming studio album would be self-titled and released in September. [22] The album's first single, "The Enemy Inside", was made available for streaming by USA Today on August 5. [23] Its second single, "Along for the Ride", was made available for streaming one month later. [24] The album was premiered by Rolling Stone on September 16 via a free online stream. [25] It was officially released one week later on September 23. [4] In its debut week, it sold over 34,000 copies in the United States to land at number seven on the Billboard 200 chart, [26] making it the band's third consecutive top ten debut and second highest charting album ever behind 2009's Black Clouds & Silver Linings , which debuted at number six. [27] It remained on the charts until November 9. [28] As of January 2016, the album has sold 87,000 copies in the US. [29]

Myung’s favorite bands include the Beatles, Black Sabbath, the Who, Iron Maiden, Rush, Yes, Jethro Tull and Genesis. He cites bassists Geezer Butler, John Entwistle, Chris Squire, Steve Harris, Geddy Lee and Jaco Pastorius as the main influences on his playing style.

Dream Theater Dramatic WembleyDream Theater Dramatic WembleyDream Theater Dramatic WembleyDream Theater Dramatic Wembley