Slaid cleaves wishbones

[Verse 1]
Day after day after
Trying to understand
Why the world tries to grind you down
Make a ghost out of a man
Your date of grace is due
And you've pawned everything you own
I guess some dreams just don't come true
Nothin' left but skin and wishbones

Each year the world gets lonelier
And uglier with sin
You'll never see those blue skies
Through young eyes again

You've prayed to every god you've known
Just to wind up all alone
Your friends are gone, your mama's dead
Nothin' left but skin and wishbones

Spin the bottle cap
Throw a shot back
Everything's gonna be all right
Spin the bottle cap
Throw a shot back
Cough and cry
Lay down and die

[Verse 2]
Grab an end, hold on tight
Bottles and bones in the night
You'll never go back home
You old wishbone

Can't eat can't sleep can't think
Not knowing where to go
This is real life brother
This ain't no reality show
If suffering is human

Well I guess we're not alone
You'll survive on next to nothing
But you won't live on skin and wishbones
Spin the bottle cap

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Cleaves continued to gain notice [4] with his follow-up album, 2004's Wishbones , appearing on the ESPN2 show Cold Pizza , and his music is praised by Nicholson Baker in his 2009 novel, The Anthologist. [5]

Slaid Cleaves seems to have found his singer/songwriter niche recording for Philo. Broke Down , which received a warm critical reception in 2000, was filled with detailed stories of broken down lives on the edge of survival (physically as well as emotionally). Although 2004's Wishbones sounds more hopeful, the tone of the material follows the mood of the earlier album. In "Drinkin' Days," the narrator expresses regret at his wild and rowdy days, but when it comes right down to it, his life is still filled with trouble; even when a contrite loser offers a "Sinner's Prayer," there's no redemption in sight. Cleaves doesn't really get into his forte -- story-songs -- until "Tiger Tom Dixon's Blues," the fifth cut. Tales of boxers and racetracks, unfulfilled promises, and old men remembering their younger days make up Wishbones list of desperate tales. The production's a nice a mix of acoustic-electro elements with the occasional varied touch -- like the fiddle on "Below" -- to keep things interesting. Unfortunately, the sum total of likable qualities lacks the impact of Broke Down . On that album, Cleaves made an effort to get outside the usual singer/songwriter material by writing about other people's lives. On Wishbones , Cleaves is in good voice, but the material sounds tired, and the melodies lack distinction. Even on the second track, "Road Too Long," cliché takes the place of detailed observation, and no song on Wishbones sticks out like "Bring It On" from Broke Down . Although a disappointment, Cleaves ' fans will probably find several worthy songs on Wishbones .

2004 Release
Wishbones  is the long-awaited follow-up to 2000′s award-winning album,  Broke Down . Produced by Austin Hall of Famer Gurf Morlix

Slaid Cleaves WishbonesSlaid Cleaves WishbonesSlaid Cleaves WishbonesSlaid Cleaves Wishbones