Borgie - retrorama

Wise people says that "time is on my side" this time its on Oscilator`s crew side. Its been a whole year that crossed from last FreeOsc069 release and excatly that one year took time till Borgie sublimed all that cluby orientated feelings into one concept that evolved in new Oscilator release, this time a full LP called Retrorama. Last couple of years, Borgie "1st Violin" of brotherhood label Adriatiko Recordings was bussy with various releases (for: Electronic Emergencies, Decoded, Crobot Muzik Etc.) and came back to domestic/favourite record label to bring 55 minutes of compressed feelings into a 8 songs. Album is opened with Reconvalescense and for sure "its smells" like its been droped from mid 80`s into a 21century. Arpegiated soft synths, melancolic pads, kick/snare/hat/ and especially voice sections make illusion that you are into some wierd Pet Shop Boys "errection" single. Back to reality is bringed on Energiya Koenergiya, the second track. Pumped kick incorporated with subdroped snare/section crossover brings modern club concept when bass came in. Driving momentum from the middle of a track cames in wave after wave, suddenly creating new picture horizon. Next one is first collaboration on album and this time is uniqly created with Croatian daimond of live performance, and chief of Sensourium studio, Zarkoff himself. Besides organ pads and synths Zarkoff put full emotion in vocal performance with original text. 4th track Martyrdom and his gigantic eleven minutes slowly burning, creating classicly in Borgie style with alot of multilayers that came and go till main arped theme filled. When beak point took a side, like a title says (martyr: it suffers for their believing) and blow so easily that you can perfectly imagine a new galaxy infront of your eyes. B Side is opened with second collab called In Futuro and its perfromed with "cold heart lady" Popsimonova. Oldschool electro incorporated with emo/ future/ retrodelic aestetic text on Bosnian (in future is all, from future i will came and take you away) or like it says last pasus (take it, feel it, smell it, in darkness it is). Provokatuer is next one and from the first raw 808/909/727 kick/snare/hat colours its behaviour is coming into a one straight 4/4 direction. Fully functional slamin`techno in seven minutes came out with complicating pads, long vox pads and 90`s ravish theme that leaves no survived behind. Third guest on Retrorama is miss from local neighbourhood, promising and talented artist called malbeku. Flowy driving, discoish claps with deep echo fx and psycho percussion easilly growing in creating a nirvana. Last track is simply called Unisex and its clasical punkout, with warm and melodic colours. Voice momentum creating fake pop manner and break seeks for a last minute dance leaving listener into a soft and dreamy capture. credits released November 1, 2016 All tracks written and produced by Boris Boras Except Track 3, Vocal, Organ, Synth By Saša Rajković Track 5, Vocal By Lana Jastrevski Track 7, Vocal, Pad, Fx, Percussion, Bass By Belma Zvizdić Cover by Boris Stapić Mastered by Boris Boras Published By Oscilator 2016

Ispod sigurnih udaraca kicka polako izvire skrivena bas-linija, a zatim retro okus uvodi vješto komponirana synth dionica, čije harmonije zazivaju odjek pionirskog razdoblja elektroničkog zvuka. Uz temu se razvija pomalo melankolična atmosfera, koja miriše na utopijski entuzijazam znanstvenih otkrića 20-tog stoljeća, filmove koji su ga dokumentirali, ali i soundtrack koji ih je pratio. Premda je traka opsežna i razvija se odmjereno, uvijek je bačeno dovoljno udica koje otimaju pažnju – kad se pred kraj potencijal ispuni u potpunosti, slijedni novo ubrizgavanje energije uz poletni minimalistički groove i trijumfalni povratak teme, podebljane novim slojevima zvuka.